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6 Months and High School in McLean, VA

Here’s my Jing story:



20 Games and Counting: Games 73-75

The next installation is up!


Games 68-71

Here’s the next week of Penguin events:

Yay for finally getting the hang of doing play-by-play!

Games 62-67

I finally have the first full video of my digital story that follows the Penguins.  I learned that I can’t rely on Movie Maker to save my material…

With that said, here’s the video.

I didn’t realize how difficult highlight announcers had it.  It took almost 30 minutes of takes per 45 second video.

I’ll probably have the next video up in a few hours, that way I’m caught up.

A Miscommunication?

Here’s my interesting audio story:


Just to give a little background, I recorded a prank call one of my friends was pulling (the Asian voice in search for Yoshi) on a mutual friend and inserted audio from a YouTube video for the responses. I know it doesn’t make perfect sense, but I think everyone gets the general idea.

This was fun!

The story begins

I wanted to challenge myself as far as my digital story so I decided to chronicle the final 20 games and remaining activities of the Pittsburgh Penguins before they head into the postseason through a video.  I was pulling my hair out trying to find programs that worked well enough for me to use, of course, I don’t bother to try a program I already have.

DVD Video Soft.

Anyone who needs to rip audio or video from YouTube, this is the easiest and FASTEST way to do it as far as I know.  I managed to whip up an intro that I’m placing at the start of every video in about 10 minutes.  I’ve uploaded the video (and will upload the rest of the videos of this series) on my YouTube account:

Here it is

I’ll be uploading the first full video soon.